Rain Garden
Divert your gutter water into an attractive planting bed that works as a natural filter

Rain Barrel
Catching rain when it falls benefits you and our local waters!

Perfect Landscape
less hard surface square
You can create a beautiful outdoor space and protect our waters

Perfect Lawn
mowing lawn 2
A gorgeous landscape doesn’t need to come at the price of clean lakes and streams

Ice and Snow Control
shoveled sidewalk
We can have safe walkways in the winter and cleaner water all year round

Leaf Collection
leaves with rake
Fall leaves provide beautiful color on trees, but in local waters they contribute to green algae blooms - not so pretty

Fish Don’t Swim in Chlorine
Following a few simple steps will prepare your pool water for entering local waterways

Good Dog, Good Owner
dog with leash
You can be a responsible pet owner and protect our waters

Vehicle Maintenance
change oil
Get where you need to go and minimize the impact on local waters

Household Hazardous Waste
Cleaning out the garage and keeping our waters clean

Kids can help too!
There are lots of things kids can do to help keep our rivers and lakes clean.

Carpet Cleaning
To keep our waters clean, keep your dirty
water out